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Cochin, 'The Queen of Arabian Sea' is verily the brightest stone in the diadem of the fascinating land that is flanked by the Western Ghats on one side, the Arabian Sea on the other, and strewn with rivers, lagoons, backwaters and rich vegetation in between. The natural endowments, together with its strategic geographic position makes Cochin very unique. Cochin has retained its eminence in the fields of commerce and industry , even in a modern, changed world order. Cochin supports the secularism - giving proper place to Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. Cochin also has a population of Jains, Jews and Sikhs. Cochin has had cultural and trade relations with the outside world.
Cochin Climate: Summers are hot, winters mild. The summer temperatures (March to May) vary from a high of 35 degrees C to a low of 22.5 degrees C with winter months from December to February having a minimum of 20 degrees C. Cochin experiences both the souwthwest monsoons from June to September and the northeast from October to December.
Most of the Hotels in Cochin (Kochi) is located at Fort Kochin, Ernakulam, wellington island, bolghaty wellington island Kundanoor and Vytilla.
Hotels in Cochin are classifieds as follows , Luxury Hotels in Cochin, Medium Hotels in Cochin , Budgect Hotels in Cochin , Heritage Hotels in Cochin ,Cheap Hotels in cochin , Apartment Hotels in Cochin , Luxury Resorts in Cochin, Homestays in Cochin , Ayurvedic Hotels in Cochin and Airport Hotels in Cochin.
Luxury Hotels in Cochin
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Hotel Taj Malabar,Cochin
tariff (Rupees2,100-Rupees1,37,500)
Hotel Le Meridien,Cochin
tariff (Rupees7,450 -Rupees9,000)
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Avenue Regent,Cochin
tariff (Rupees4,500 -Rupees7,000)
Medium Hotels in Cochin
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Hotel casino,Cochin
tariff (Rupees2,334 -Rupees3,703)
Hotel Abad Atrium,Cochin
tariff (Rupees2,800 -Rupees5,500)
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Inn presidency,Cochin
tariff (Rupees1,300 -Rupees2,500)
Budget hotels in Cochin
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Hotel Durbar ,Cochin
tariff (Rupees460 -Rupees1,950)
Hotel Excellency,Cochin
tariff (Rupees800 -Rupees1,400)
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Hotel Paulson Park,Cochin
tariff (Rupees300 -Rupees1,200)
Heritage Hotels in Cochin
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The Poovath,Cochin
tariff (Rupees2,000 -Rupees4,500)
Hotel Fort Heritage,Cochin
tariff ($15.00 - $99.00 )
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The Trident,Cochin
tariff (Rupees10,500 -Rupees18,000)
Cheap hotels in Cochin
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Apartment Hotels in Cochin
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Riverdale Apartment,Cochin
tariff (Rupees500 -Rupees10,000)
Star Homes Apartments Cochin , tariff (-)
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Rivier Suites,Cochin
tariff (Rs1,700 -Rs8,800)
Luxury Resorts in Cochin
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Bolgatty Palace ,Cochin
tariff (Rupees1,600 -Rupees10,900)
Cherai Beach Resort,Cochin
tariff (Rupees1,665 - Rupees16,648)
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Malabar House,Cochin
tariff (Rupees10,113 -Rupees16,849)
Airport Hotels in Cochin
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Quality AirPort Hotel, Cochin
tariff (Rupees3,200 -Rupees5,000)
Lotus8 Airport Hotel,Cochin
tariff(Rupees850 -Rupees3,500 )
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Abad Airport Hotel,Cochin
tariff (Rupees3,000 -Rupees5,000)
Ayurveda Resorts in Cochin
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Bolgatty Palace,Cochin
tariff (Rupees8,000 - Rupees15,000 )
Mermaid Hotel,Cochin
tariff (Rupees2,250 -Rupees7,500)
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Bharath Hotel,Cochin
tariff (Rupees895 -Rupees1,900)



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